About Us

FinTech is shaping the future of finance and global banking with technology. Financial Institutions want to evolve, but need help incorporating FinTech into their business model. Technology professionals want to help Financial Institutions get ready for Finance 2.0, but often lack adequate business context. Entrepreneurs are trying to disrupt existing business models, but need help turning their ideas into viable products and/or solutions.

This is where we come in.

Courses and programs for different needs

The FinTech School delivers practical training on the latest FinTech sector, entrepreneurship and product development topics to individuals, institutions, and entrepreneurs globally. People looking to stay updated on industry trends will find our courses helpful. Those who wish to innovate in this space will find our comprehensive programs or our onsite boot-camp like training more appropriate.

Practical training by practicing entrepreneurs

It is not an academic institution. The FinTech School was founded by FinTech entrepreneurs and financial services professionals who have been there and done that. They have decades of financial industry experience, spanning traditional firms like Goldman Sachs and BlackRock. Our team has also founded FinTech startups which have graduated from industry leading programs like Y-combinator and have launched products now being followed by venture capitalists.

Ecosystem support

We are a part of a larger FinTech innovation ecosystem, FinTech Portfolio, which augments our education with research, technical resources, and mentoring (incubator and accelerator) support. This enables entrepreneurs, individuals and institutions to move from ‘knowledge’ to ‘execution.’

Meet the Instructors

Amilcar Chavarria

Co-Founder & Instructor, FinTech School
COO & President, FundPaaS
General Partner, FinTech Portfolio

Edwin Carlson

Instructor, FinTech School
CEO & Founder, Bitsmart Loans

Timothy Li

Instructor, FinTech School
CEO, Kuber

Patrick Baron

Instructor, FinTech School
Co-Founder, HitFin

Monte Malhotra

Instructor, FinTech School
Chief Dream Enabler, Founder, Money Intelligence

Kaivan Sattar

Instructor, FinTech School
CEO & Co-Founder, Asaak

Markus Lampinen

Instructor, FinTech School
Co-Founder & CEO, Crowd Valley Inc

Luigi Wewege

Instructor, FinTech School
CEO, Vivier Financial Services

Noah Fitzgerald

Instructor, FinTech School
CEO & Founder, M-Analyst

Neeraj Srivastava

Instructor, FinTech School
Co-Founder & Chief Application/Blockchain Architect, True North Business Exchange

Jonathan Hudacko

Instructor & Advisor, FinTech School
CEO & Founder, Just Invest Inc.

Brian Castro

Instructor, FinTech School
Co-Founder & CEO, FundPaaS

Meet the Team

My Nguyen

Co-Founder & Parterships, FinTech School
Co-Op Community Builder, Fintech Portfolio
Co-Founder, Fintech Meet

Stuart Jivapongse

Co-Founder & CTO, FinTech School
Co-Op Community Builder, FinTech Portfolio
President & Founder Renascent Technology

Fernando Cabrales

COO, FinTech School
COO, FinTech Portfolio

Valli Bindana

Content Production, FinTech School
Writer, Director, Editor, The Surya Ganga Project

Jeremy Sterns

CPO, FinTech School
President, CTO Vantage

Lawrence Go

Head of UI/UX, FinTech School
Presentation Designer, Office of the CEO, Yahoo


Tom Abogabal

Advisor, FinTech School
Consulting Venture Partner, NOMINUS Capital

Farah Sharghi

Advisor, FinTech School
Recruiter, Talent

Lan Quang

Advisor, FinTech School

Charles S.C. Lee

BD Advisor (SE Asia), FinTech School

Grant Kim

BD Advisor (SE Asia), FinTech School

Ben Sun

BD Advisor, FinTech School