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For Universities and Banking Institutes seeking to include FinTech and Blockchain courses in their MBA, JD and Engineering programs; the FinTech School offers turnkey content solutions and a catalog of online courses that can be customized and white-labeled.

Turnkey FinTech Curriculum

Since 2016, we have trained over fifty Financial Institutions, Central Banks, Governments and Universities.

Our bundle of courses can be packaged as a new certificate as our distribution partners have done.

Our courses represent a more engaging solution for continuing education with 60+ CE Hours available.

Our solution is perfect for Universities, e-learning marketplaces and Banking Institutes.

Less than 10% of e-learning platforms and universities have FinTech offerings

Features & Benefits

Your Own Certification Option

Our bundle of courses can be packaged as a new certificate issued by you or one of our preferred partners: Moody’s Analytics and University of California Berkeley.

Our Content & Your Brand

We partner with Universities and Banking Institutes to deliver courses with our instructors and your own faculty.

Flexible Pricing

You can purchase piecemeal modules or an enterprise license for as little as $60 per student per course, a significant discount vs. market prices (200 students minimum required).


Our workshops and online courses have great reviews

The FinTech School continues to be a great partner delivering on-site training programs and fintech innovation tours to the largest financial institutions in China. We look forward to launching our joint offering to service our 800,000 alumni with online fintech training”

“They have an in-depth understanding of the current trends in FinTech, and were able to put together a tailor-made programs that covered several market segments. Working with industry experts makes a difference.”

Yawei Cui
Sr. Academic Director, Moody’s Analytics

“The FinTech School did an on-site fintech bootcamp that our Executive MBA students loved. We look forward to further collaboration to develop custom FinTech training courses”

Steve Hernandez
Director, MBA for Executives, The Wharton School

We have serviced many Universities and E-learning Marketplaces

50+ institutions have trusted us

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50+ institutions have trusted us

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